we offers a range of rental CCTV and security systems designed for temporary, semi-permanent, remote and changing sites. These are ideal for construction sites, event management, utility or industrial sites and public space areas.

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Full Protection

Delivering security systems consultancy, design and installation services with full protection that support some of the world’s leading businesses.

Management via App

Our intuitive smartphone app brings you mobile surveillance video right to your iOS® or Android™ tablet or smartphone. Our system allows you to monitor all camera locations around the globe on a single screen.

HD Video Camera

All cameras record in 1080p HD to give you the clearest possible footage. Using motion sensing technology prevents unnecessary recording, thus extending memory.


Never underestimate the importance of HD resolution of IP security cameras/systems with audio recording

Technical Support

Get support and professional advice from our experts.Please contact our local sales office or distributor nearest you, or the Headquarter office if your city is not covered.


Rest easy knowing your business or event has a watchful eye. Our CCTV cameras allow you to monitor your shop or business or event all day, every day, and view the footage from anywhere at any time.

Network Consulting

we offers an array of robust business networking technologies. We can manage your network switches and firewalls, analyze your infrastructure, and offer solutions that increase your business’s and event productivity, security, and reliability. Contact us today for a free network assessment and learn how we can optimize your infrastructure.

Structured Cabling

We offer Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber Optic, and Backbone cabling services. From wiring, termination, labeling, tracing, and troubleshooting, we can cover any cabling needs you may have.our service saves you from expensive downtime and allows your IT systems at event venue to function at peak performance.

Rapid CCTV Deployment

Our advanced rapid deployment service means we can get your event up and running within 24 hours, in most cases from the first phone call. We can also provide qualified CCTV operators to manage your event or to work seamlessly alongside your own staff.


Temporary CCTV is perfect in situations that require rapid-deploy CCTV and remote visual monitoring, whether it’s for an event and crowd safety or when protecting against illegal intrusion, theft or anti-social behaviour.